What If Natural Disasters Happened Every 5 Minutes

If there were cataclysms on Earth every 5 minutes, living conditions on our planet would be almost the same as 4.5 billion years ago. Back then, seas and oceans boiled, lightning struck everywhere, tectonic plates changed their shape, lava flowed from volcanoes. And worse, no internet! The Earth resembled a vast, boiling cauldron, where life was gradually being created. If it starts to boil again, this cauldron could destroy almost all life on the planet.

Consecutive cataclysms – won’t hurt to pretend. Let’s imagine, shall we? Okay, you wake up in a small underground bunker. The seismic sensor indicates that a 7-point earthquake will start in a few minutes. You pack a huge waterproof backpack and go upstairs. You need to leave the shelter because supplies are low. Also, yesterday you picked up a radio signal telling all survivors to go south immediately. The coordinates they gave aren’t far from your location. You have to hurry, though, before the landscape changes again…


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