What If the Earth Was Flat?

There will always be things in this world that you never imagined even existed. That’s why we at Bright Side would like to share the following curious and fascinating facts about seemingly ordinary things.

What would happen if… Do you ever get lost in thought with “What if…” questions? “What if I change my job?” “What if I won the lottery?” But what if we start asking more global, perhaps less realistic, questions?
What if the Earth was a cube? What if it was flat or two times bigger? Watch the answers to the most googled questions about our planet!

What if you drilled a hole through the Earth?
You would also really cut down your travel time. It would only take you 42 minutes to end up on the other side of the planet. But if you’re in the US, you better be careful and grab and inflatable raft before you jump through that Earth-piercing hole. In a little under half an hour, you’d wind up smack dab in the middle of the Indian Ocean! And if you happen to be hanging out in Chile when this bright idea comes to mind, hurray! You could be chowing down on some authentic Chinese cuisine for lunch.
First off, depending on where you start drilling, expect anywhere from 20 to 40 miles of continental crust. After that, you’ll have to get through almost two miles of the solid rock of Earth’s mantle. Then, you’ll be seeing the outer core of liquid iron burning at around 10,000°F! FYI, that’s as hot as the surface of the sun! Not to mention this outer core is the size of Mars! Okay, so you’ve gotten through the outer core, now you’re looking at the solid Moon-sized inner core.

What if I drilled a hole through the Earth and jumped in? 0:21
What if the Earth wasn’t tilted? 4:01
What if the Earth was flat? 5:47
What if the Earth started spinning faster? 6:51
What if the Earth was a cube? 9:31
What if the Earth had rings? 10:08
What if the Earth didn’t have the Moon? 10:53
What if the Earth was two times bigger? 11:39

– You might not know this or maybe you just forgot since it’s just been way too many years since your school days, but our Earth sits on its axis at a 23.5° angle. And it’s a good thing too; this is why we have all our seasons.
– Sorry to the Flat Earth Society, but your theory just doesn’t hold up! If this was the case, we would have some serious problems with gravity. It would work as it should, pulling straight down, but only in the center of the disk. If you were moving away from the center, it would begin to tug more horizontally, and this would be totally insane.
– Let’s imagine that the Earth starts to rotate just 1 mile per hour faster. The sea level would rise by just a few inches around the equator because if the planet spins faster around its waistline, some water will migrate there from the poles. However, it would take you a couple of years to notice it.
A cubic Earth would be a very different planet from the one we live on today. First off, at the center of each face, gravity would be at its strongest. That’s where all water would collect. As for the edges of the planet, they would look like barren lifeless rocks.
– What if our planet had rings? Well, they would look different depending on where you were. These rings would most likely go parallel with the equator. So, near the equator, you’d see them as thin columns of light disappearing somewhere far in the sky.
– If there were no Moon, Earth’s day would shorter. It would happen because, without the moon, our planet would spin faster. So, instead of complaining about never having enough time in the day, you’d be wishing to have at least 24 hours!
– If our planet was twice its current size, its gravitational force would be two times stronger. So, trees would be thick and tall, and plants stiff and tough. Animals would also be noticeably bigger, more massive, and with thick legs to support their increased weight due to the gravity.

What other “what ifs” have you ever considered? Tell us in the comments!

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