What If Today Never Ends

Normally, our planet makes a rotation every 24 hours at a speed of 1040 mph. This is faster than the speed of sound and several times faster than the fastest cars in the world. But what if the Earth stopped spinning? Imagine that our planet’s rotation stops one day and tomorrow never comes. Life will never be the same. But if you can escape to an underground bunker, you may have a chance to carry on.

So, you close the hatch, go deep underground, and hear the chaos that has begun on the surface. All the people, houses, cars, ships, roads, trees, animals, topsoil, anything not connected to bedrock, will fly off to the East. Hurricanes and tsunamis will appear. The endless today brings huge, global earthquakes. And volcanoes will awaken and erupt, threatening to destroy everything. Two days later, you realize that silence has come to the surface…

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