What If We Move the Earth to a New Orbit

Did you know that the Earth’s orbit isn’t a circle, but an oval-shaped ellipse? And the length of the day is actually not 24 but 23.93 hours. We, humans, take these facts for granted. But what if one day, we had to move the entire planet to a completely new orbit and change the existing order?

Before we figure out if there’s any way to push our planet out of its orbit, let’s find out why we might need to do so! The thing is that our doomsday is approaching. Even if the planet doesn’t get overheated due to global warming, the sun will finish it off… But don’t be scared, it’s not happening tomorrow.

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Why the sun is our planet’s biggest enemy ☀️ 0:46
Can we migrate to another planet? 2:29
Is moving the Earth to a new orbit possible❓ 3:33
Possible solutions:
– A mega-strong and long lasso 4:20
– A gigantic light sail 5:22
– Electric thrusters 5:58
What would happen if we could do that 7:49

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– The star is getting hotter and hotter as the centuries pass. And one day, about 5 billion years from now, the sun will inevitably turn into a swollen red giant. About 2 billion years later, the sun will swallow the Earth.
– Long before that, in about 1 billion years, the sun will have already grown more than 11% brighter. It’ll make the average temperature on Earth rise to at least 120 degrees F.
– Even this increase in temperature will lead to the World Ocean getting dramatically warmer. The water will start to evaporate like it does when you leave a pot of water in the sun.
– The hydrogen, which is a crucial building material for all kinds of living cells, will slowly but surely leak into space.
– If our descendants want to stay alive, they’ll have to migrate to another planet or maybe even galaxy!
– It’d still take thousands of years to deliver all the Earth’s inhabitants to their new home. Also, it’d take unimaginable amounts of fuel – even if people flew no further than to another planet in the Solar System.
– That’s why another option will likely come into play: people will have to change the orbit of the planet before the disaster strikes to avoid the tragic outcome!
– Scientists have even calculated that to keep leading a comfortable life (or at least survive), people would have to change the orbit of the planet so that it’s 9.5% further from the sun than it is now.
– At first, a mega-strong and long lasso may seem to be the simplest solution.
– But where can you find a material strong enough to carry the weight of the whole planet? Besides, how can you be sure that this asteroid will take you exactly where you need to get?
– Maybe an effective way out would be moving the planet out of its orbit with the help of a gigantic light sail?
– But once people calculate all the details, they’ll find out that the reflective disk of the light sail would have to be more than 19 times bigger than the diameter of the planet!
– An electric thruster could become a cool alternative, especially if we talk about ion drives! Come to think of it, this method could work out! And if people managed this unprecedented feat and DID change the orbit of the planet as planned, there’d be some noticeable changes.
– Our planet’s orbital speed would drop down from 18.6 to 17.7 miles per second.

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