What If You Noticed Someone Following You on the Street

How to tell if you’re being followed? And what to do when you think someone’s following you? How to get away safely? Imagine you’re walking home after a night out with friends. That’s when you hear footsteps behind you. You turn around to see someone walking toward you…

We hope nothing like this ever happens to you, but being prepared for it gives you confidence like nothing else. First of all, if some people are walking by, you can loudly say “Hey!” and pretend they’re your friends. Don’t go to your house or apartment when you’re being followed. If worse comes to worst, don’t stay quiet. But yell “fire” instead of “help.”


Try to make turns 0:28

Don’t go to your house 1:00

Don’t start browsing or texting 2:03

Look at your follower 2:25

Keep consistent eye contact 3:10

Yell “fire” instead of “help” 3:53

What if they are following you in public 4:24

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