What If You Swallowed the Most Venomous Spider

It’s been said that a person swallows about eight spiders in their sleep every year. It’s hard to say if that story is true or not but it makes a kind of sense. Spiders like warm dark places and the inside of your mouth sure fits that description. Gross as it sounds, if the story’s true, it seems to be mostly harmless.

But what if it wasn’t? What if you swallowed a spider that wasn’t just venomous, but the most toxic spider in the world? Let’s find out! But please, please, don’t try this at home. Do not eat live venomous spiders!

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The Sydney funnel-web spider 0:55
What would happen if you swallowed it? 2:14
Why its venom is so dangerous 3:00
And what about the poison? 4:43
Is Atrax’s venom fatal for your pet? 6:41
If a beetle gets bitten 7:11

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– This hairy little monster is known as the Sydney funnel-web spider, or “Atrax robustus” if you want to show off.
– The Sydney funnel-web can hold its breath for over a day, in some cases surviving underwater for up to thirty hours.
– Atrax really don’t like to be handled, and their fangs are large and powerful enough to punch a hole in your fingernail.
– The Atrax’s venom is a special kind of nasty, attacking its prey’s nervous system. Symptoms will begin within minutes as the neurotoxin starts shorting out your nerves.
– After being bitten, your heart will start beating rapidly as your blood pressure spikes through the roof. This is followed by breathing trouble, muscle spasms, and numbness around the mouth.
– Finally, the venom begins to attack the brain, causing disorientation and eventually loss of consciousness. In as little as fifteen minutes after the initial bite…
– You’re in for anywhere from two to twelve injections depending on the severity of your symptoms.
– Anyway, let’s say you managed to wrangle a Sydney funnel-web into your mouth without getting bitten. What happens then?
– For the record, something is poisonous if you get sick from eating it, and venomous if you get sick from being bitten. There may be a lot of venomous spiders, but no one’s ever found one that’s poisonous.
– Venom is dangerous if it gets in your blood, but harmless if swallowed; although I have no idea why or how anyone would end up doing so.
– It turns out, most mammals are entirely immune to the Atrax’s venom. Only invertebrates and primates are vulnerable, anything else gets off with the equivalent of a bee sting.

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