What If You Were Born Old and Grew Younger

I’m twenty, and life’s becoming a virtue. I’ve just graduated from college! I’m officially a Master of Science now and thinking of becoming a doctor, but I’m not sure my Ma and Pa will be alright without me. They’re already growing too… young now, and I’m afraid they’ll get in trouble if I’m not there. Once, Pa went to a party and didn’t come back for three days! Got Ma worried sick, she gave him a huge slap when he finally turned up. They made up real soon, though. Youth is passionate, you know.

I used to hate PE at school, but I love it now! Every chance I get, I go running in the nearby park, and even asked my parents to get me a gym membership for my birthday. It’s so good to feel those old bones creak less and less with every passing day! … Confused? Wanna know what this is all about? Okay, have you ever thought of how life would be different if we were born old and get younger every year? We really love unusual what-if stories, and we decided to imagine what would happen if people aged backwards.


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