What If Your Clothes Get Stuck in an Escalator

How to ride safely on escalators? What would happen if your shoelace or clothes got caught in an escalator? Are there any escalator safety tips? Imagine this. You’re standing on the subway escalator on your way up, engrossed in reading a book, and almost miss the step-off. You keep your balance. Something’s tugging at your right foot. You turn around, and it’s your worst nightmare: your shoelace got stuck in the escalator!

Or imagine you’re sitting on the steps (never do that, by the way) and wearing a loose shirt that’s not tucked into your pants. You wait until the escalator starts getting flat and only then stand up. Well, at least you try. When you do, you feel a powerful tug at your collar and lose your balance. The stairs have eaten the hem of your shirt and are quickly dragging you down. Let’s find out why these things happen.

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