What Passenger Planes Will Look Like in the Near Future

Future passenger planes… What will they look like? What is the future of air travel? What new technologies can we expect to see? Well, the future of flying is gonna be amazing! Aircraft designers are currently working on creating much more comfortable conditions for all kinds of travelers and especially long-distance ones.

A long flight may take over 10 or even 15 hours, and all this time all you do is try to position your legs so they don’t become as stiff as tree trunks. And anticipating a jet lag while trying not to go insane from boredom. About time someone should do something about it! Good news: airlines are on it right now!


Sleeping in the cargo section 0:40

‘Air Lair’ individual cabins 1:42

VR goggles 2:11

Built-in sound system 2:46

Observation decks 3:39

No windows? 4:09

Electric airplanes 5:21

Supersonic Green Machine 7:00

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