What Will the End of the Universe Look Like

What will happen to us in the next few hundred years? Or a thousand? How will the Universe end? Nobody knows for sure, but we can gather all the existing theories together and find it out. Just a century from now humans will be the first living species outside Earth that we know of. In 1,000 years, humanity will accept technology not only in their lives but inside their bodies too. Ever heard about cyborgs? That’s exactly what every other human being will become in the future.

100,000 years in the future — and many of the constellations we know will become unrecognizable because of the natural movement of stars. At nearly the same time, Earth will celebrate the distant anniversary by a supervolcanic eruption, with hot magma and volcanic ash covering thousands upon thousands of square miles of land…

Colonization of Mars 0:31

Will we become cyborgs? 0:49

Supervolcanic eruption 1:31

Mass destructions on Earth 2:07

Betelgeuse explosion 2:22

What will happen to Mars? 2:36

When will life on our planet cease to exist? 3:21

The birth of a new galaxy 3:34

There will be no new stars 4:52

The Degenerate Era 5:10

The Black Hole Era 6:33

The era when time won’t matter 7:19

Birth of a new Universe 7:48

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