What Would Happen to Your Body If You Swallowed a Magnet

What would happen if you swallowed a magnet? What are the dangers of ingesting magnets? Magnets are not just for decorating the fridge! They’re hiding everywhere: the earphones you’re wearing right now, the computer or phone you’re watching this video on! One place they aren’t hiding is your belly! So…what would happen if you swallowed one? Would you become a walking magnet yourself?

Short but crucial disclaimer: please do not ever try to swallow a magnet in real life! This is very hazardous to your health and would require immediate medical attention. Okay, now let’s just go on a crazy hypothetical journey!


Your magnetic properties 1:07

At the diner 3:34

No music?! 4:27

It’s time to have some fun 4:46

The whole world is in your hands! 6:21

Magnetic storms. Can you stop them? 7:47

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