Your feet can say a lot about you and your true character than you think. Bright Side invites you to take a look at these illustrations proving that.

We all have different feet and toes, but we hardly think what it might mean and how it connects to our personalities. However, it does! You might be very surprised to learn that your feet can say far more about you than you think. Take a closer look at the shape of your feet to learn something surprising about yourself.

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The Egyptian foot 0:34
The Roman foot 0:52
The peasant foot 1:14
The Greek foot 1:32
A little toe that doesn’t move 1:53
A little toe that you can move 2:14
A very short little toe 2:35
The third toe is turned outward 2:52
A gap between the second and third toe 3:08

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– The Egyptian foot looks like this: all the toes, from big to little, form a straight line, and each toe is smaller than the previous.
– The Roman foot is the most widespread type. People with such feet are generally sociable and friendly.
– When all toes are equally long, the foot looks angular. This is called the peasant’s foot. People with such feet are calm, reasonable, and practical.
– The Greek foot is also one of the most widespread foot types. In this case, the second toe is longer than the others. People with this foot type are usually artistic, emotional, and inclined to leadership.
– If you can push away the little toe only using your hand — not the toe muscles — this is your type. People with this foot type have a calm, measured, and predictable life.
– Those whose little toes are living their own lives are the exact opposite of the previous type. They’re easygoing, adventurous, and in constant search of change.
– People with isolated toes usually prefer to defy public opinion and to do everything in their own manner.
– People with such feet prefer to carefully plan everything in advance. They’re very organized and keep everything under control in any situation.
– A gap between the second and third toe: if you have this type of foot, you are likely able to perfectly separate logic from emotion. You can become an excellent diplomat, analyst, or trader.

Based on this video, what are your main character traits? Tell us in the comments below!

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