What Your Hands Say About Your Personality

I’ll read your palms and tell you what it means and what your hands say about your personality dominant traits.
We all like to take personality tests and learn something new about ourselves based on the type of coffee we pick. It turns out it is not just our choices, but also our palms that can tell a lot about us. Experts of the American Academy of Hand Analysis, professional psychologists, reveal the basics of scientific hand analysis.

Determine your strong hand 0:45
Determine your strong and weak fingers 1:02
Analyze your hand shape 2:55
The shape of your fingertips 6:05
The gaps between your fingers 7:09

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If you have doubts regarding the seriousness of all this hand analysis, we have something to tell you. It is getting more and more approved by scientists, as long as it’s not about reading your future based on your palm lines.
Therapists and counselors, and even geneticists around the world are actually treating it more and more seriously these days. It turns our fingerprints are developed before our birth, at 14-16 weeks of pregnancy and stay the same throughout our lives. The patterns on our palms are something like the map of our brain neural pathways. Those pathways are made of thoughts and actions that define us. Other peculiarities of our hands change as our preferences and character changes over time. Hand analysis can be a way of learning more about ourselves, finding explanations and improving our emotional health. Finally, some researchers say certain genetic disorders and markings and hand shape are linked to each other. It is quite possible that hand research will contribute to the study of genetic abnormalities in the future and then no one will doubt its scientific status.

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