Why Сats Always Land on Their Feet

It might not seem like an animal that sits and stares at a blank wall could be confused with Superman, but cats really do have some awesome superpowers! At least, compared to them we’re so clumsy and vulnerable. Have you ever heard, for example, why cats always land on their feet? Let’s find out!

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Super Flexibility 0:21
Incredible Agility 1:42
Super Senses 2:43
Extraordinary Stealth 4:41
Always landing on their feet 5:24
Masters of Imitation 6:54
Nine Lives 8:09

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– Our fluffy feline friends can squeeze themselves to fit anywhere they want. Cats’ super flexibility comes from the fact that their arms aren’t connected to their body through bones. That is, they don’t have collarbones that normally prevent you or me from squeezing into a tight space.
– Have you ever tried to catch a cat with your bare hands? Well, if that kitty doesn’t want you to get a hold of it, it has special superpowers to escape your pursuit.
– Cats can hear your heartbeat, they know about everything that happens on their territory in an instant, they see in pitch darkness, and they live in another dimension where smells are everything.
– While nothing can escape its super senses, a cat itself can just disappear out of sight. One minute your kitty was lying next to you on the couch, the next – poof!
– The front and back side of a cat move independently while it’s mid-air. First, a cat twists down its front feet, fixates them like this, and then pulls the back part around too. It’s absolutely impossible to do any other way, and cats are one of very few species that can do this.
– When a cat folds its ears back against its head and hisses, it becomes truly fearsome for any animal because it resembles a snake. And nobody wants to bother a snake – that’s for sure!
– Of course, this one is a myth, and cats only have one life just like everybody else does. But they can heal really fast, and their survival skills are absolutely unchallenged.

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