Why Airplanes Are White

Here’s a quick test: think of an airliner! Is the jet you imagined painted white? No surprises there since most of them are. Of course, not ALL planes are white. There are plenty of colorful ones. For example, Mango, an airline that operates in South Africa, paints its planes bright orange. And there’s always the Siberian carrier S7 with their bright green planes.

But these are more of a rare exception. The general rule goes like this: “You’re better off painting your aircraft white!” But why is that? Actually, there are a few reasons for that. Did you know, for example, that birds don’t fly into white or light-colored planes as often as they do with darker ones?

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– Aircraft producers use white paint to keep airplanes cool. It minimizes the heating as well as the potential harm from solar radiation.
– The next reason for painting planes white is even more practical. Like a lot of things, it comes down to money. It’s just cheaper to have white-colored aircraft.
– Also, if a plane has some damage, such as a crack, dent, or oil spill, the white background makes it much easier to spot and repair the fault.
– One 2011 study found that birds don’t fly into white or light-colored planes as often as they do with darker ones.
– The cruising altitude of most commercial jets is about 35,000 ft.
– First of all, the higher you rise above the ground, the thinner the air becomes. It means that aircraft face less resistance and burn less fuel to fly through such a thin atmosphere.
– At higher altitudes, there’s no need to worry about flying into a thunderstorm or getting stuck in a cloud.
– It turns out that planes must follow super strict rules when it comes to their flight routes.
– For example, commercial planes aren’t allowed to fly over Tibet due to the towering peaks of the Himalayas.
– Admittedly, there might be charter flights that will deliver you to the North Pole. As for commercial airlines, it’s a big no-no.
– If a plane goes down and crashes up there, it’ll be next to impossible for survivors to endure such harsh conditions for very long.

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