Why Colored Toilet Paper Disappeared

The first colored TP appeared in the 1950s, when decorating your bathroom in a single style was a thing. Toilet paper producers started dyeing their products in all possible colors so that people could complete the image of their bathrooms. The popularity of colored toilet paper reached its peak by 1970s, but sometime around the 1980s, personal hygiene shelves became gradually whiter, and by 2004 all color disappeared completely…

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Was colored toilet paper dangerous? 2:01
What was better for the environment 3:04
National toilet paper color of France 4:37
Toilet paper VS. a bucket and a mug 6:17
Clay and stones instead of toilet paper?! 😱 7:25
Reusable sponges 😖 7:54
… and corn cobs 😲 8:22

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