Why My Smartphone Overheats and How to Stop It

The last decades were a wondrous time. We went from “brick” cell phones that barely fit into our pockets, to tiny devices everyone was always losing in their bags and purses. And then… back to giant cell phones eventually, but with several huge differences. They’re smart now.

But with great power come inevitable problems. That comfort is fragile enough to be ruined in mere seconds, simply by the overheating of a smartphone. So you should be careful enough with your choice of device. If your phone overheats regularly, this video is what you’ve been looking for.

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The most common cause of heating up 1:52
Why you should never leave your phone plugged in excessively 3:10
Can Wi-Fi make a processor hot? 3:44
Remove the case! 4:19
Сan a battery explode from overheating? 💥 5:02
How to avoid overheating 6:00

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– In relatively hot weather, and even with some air conditioning, your phone can heat up to 110 degrees F with no issue at all.
– To get all the information about the precise temperature from your phone, of course, there’s an app for that.
– Overheating is generally triggered by electricity that’s running through your smartphone when it processes something.
– The most common cause of pocket devices heating up is when they run games.
– It’s not only processors that heat your device up. A battery does too, since it’s the one and only source of electricity in a smartphone.
– You may also want to keep in mind that closed apps aren’t always fully closed, and may continue to work in the background, overloading the processor with tasks and rapidly sucking the battery dry.
– External heat is another big problem. But the only thing you can do about that is to avoid direct sunlight on your phone and remove the case.
– Just like overheating may be caused by the excessive use of both a processor and a battery, it can also be dangerous for both of them.
– The only way a battery can explode from overheating is from a heating loop.
– To avoid overheating, you need to take care of your phone. It helps to use silicon-based phone cases.
– Use only high-quality cables to charge your phone, and don’t charge over the max. An extra 15 minutes of work won’t make up for the loss if your phone starts to overheat.
– Try lowering the brightness of your phone’s screen. It’ll not only prevent overheating, but will also be a good way to preserve your battery’s life.
– If you can open up the backside of your phone, you can clean out the dust that typically collects there. On a scale this small, all dust will work like feathers in a puffy jacket – locking all the heat inside and preventing the phone from cooling down.

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