Why Planes Don’t Fly Over Kaaba

Ever wondered why airplanes would not always fly in a straight line from one point to another? After all, they’re in the air, what could possibly stop them? Well, there are plenty of reasons for that, and while some are common, others might be harder to explain.

Did you know, for example, that planes can’t fly over Paris? It seems surprising that the capital of France, despite having four airports within its city limits, has prohibited airspace but it’s true! Moscow is another big city over which all flights were prohibited from the 1960s. However, in 2013, a new law was issued that finally allowed commercial airplanes to cross the sky over the Russian capital. Let’s find out what the reasons are!

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Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia 0:20
Machu Picchu, Peru 1:30
Paris, France 2:16
Cuba 2:49
Parthenon in Athens, Greece 3:13
Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland 3:43
Constitution Avenue in Islamabad, Pakistan 4:13
Moscow, Russia 4:39
Sri Lanka 5:23
The Himalayas 6:04
Taiwan Strait, China 7:23
Downing Street in London, UK 7:50
Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas 8:24

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– There’s no airport in Mecca, which makes it illogical for airplanes to fly over the city. This may sound strange, given that Mecca is visited by dozens of millions of people every year, but the Saudi Arabia government is strict in this regard.
– The ban to fly over Machu Picchu has been in place since 2006. The government of Peru doesn’t allow any aircraft to approach the important historical site exactly because of its historical importance, as well as the unique wildlife in the area.
– If you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ve probably smirked now because you’ve seen commercial planes there. There’s an exception, you see: airplanes can only fly no lower than 6,500 ft high.
– Cuba is under lock and key when it comes to foreign aircraft. There are, of course, domestic flights there, but any airplane that wants to cross the border of Cuba needs an express permission from the government to do so.
– The Parthenon is an ancient Greek monument and a place that thousands of tourists come to see every month. It was seriously damaged in the 17th century, and it’s currently being restored to its former glory.
– Phoenix Park isn’t a place of great strategic interest, but it’s being actively promoted to become a UNESCO World Heritage site.
– In Sri Lanka, pilots must make sure they can traverse the air space over the country at all times, just to be on the safe side.
– Interestingly, there is no prohibition to fly over the Himalayas whatsoever, and airplanes can easily climb higher than most of the mountains there. But still, pilots prefer to avoid tracing their route over them.
– The Taiwan Strait separates China from the island of Taiwan, and the reason why flights are partially prohibited over it is that the two have a rather strained relationship.
– There are few places more important for the United Kingdom than Downing Street. It’s home to some of the most prominent British government officials, including the Prime Minister. No wonder airplanes aren’t allowed to fly over this area.
– Prairie Chapel Ranch was a Bush residence while he was the President of the US. A no-fly zone was established there right after Bush became the country’s leader, although he’d bought the ranch more than a year before that.

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