Why Smartphones Can’t Have Thermometers

From our “Wouldn’t it be nice department” comes this: Wouldn’t it be super-convenient if your smartphone had a built-in thermometer and night vision features? Actually, there are serious reasons why smartphones can’t measure temperature like a thermometer and why mobile cameras don’t come with night vision. On the bright side, it can scan all kinds of codes, check humidity, use cool shortcuts – you’ve got the idea!

For example, if you’re an iPhone owner, you can create your own emoji and text shortcuts. On some Android devices, you can use gestures and hand motions to control your phone. You can even use your smartphone as a compass when going on a hike. Modern devices are equipped with all kinds of sensors. Not only do they figure out which way is up or down, but they can also tell the south from the north! Interested? Then check out these cool smartphone tricks for iOS and Android users that will help you get more out of your phone.


Why phones don’t have thermometers 00:00
Why most phones don’t have a removable battery 0:42
Why phone cameras don’t have night vision 1:03
How to take amazing underwater pics 1:21
How to create your own emoji 1:45
How to make the device less appealing 2:08
How to encrypt your data 2:47
Use gestures to control your phone 3:05
How to find a photo fast 3:25
How to customize vibrations for different contacts 4:32
Use your gadget as a TV remote 4:55
Correct Siri’s pronunciation 5:15
Use your smartphone as a compass 6:03
Get access to the tabs open on your other devices 7:07
Sync your phone up with a computer 7:46
Turn the music off at the specified time 8:06
Customize Do Not Disturb function 8:47

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