Why You Rarely Hear of Gas Stations Running Out of Fuel

How is it possible that gas stations have enough fuel for 100+ cars and are always full? Where is that oil stored? Why does glass break so easily? What is ‘time crystals’? And why does water feel colder than the air even when they are of the same temperature? Here’re 29 answers to the most unusual questions only the most curious people google.


0:00 Why gas stations hardly ever run out of gas
0:33 A cool helium trick
1:00 Why cheese has holes
1:13 Why comets have tails
1:34 Why Post-It Notes come off so easily
1:56 Why Wimbledon tennis balls are kept at exactly 68 degrees
2:15 Why flamingos are pink
2:52 Why Mercury is liquid at room temperature
3:00 Why manholes are round
3:21 Why storm cloud are grey
3:40 Why cats don’t like water
4:10 Why cereal clings together in milk
4:40 Why we have leap years
4:54 Why leather gets dull looking
5:13 Why copiers don’t see highlighted text
5:45 You can’t hum while holding your nose
5:58 Why snow crunches
6:13 How barcode scans work
6:30 Why glass breaks so easily
6:42 How eggs get their shape
6:58 What are ferrite chokes or ferrite beads
7:30 What a tree’s rings tell you
8:01 Why we use QWERTY keyboards

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