Your Favorite Video Game and Movie Vehicles Compared

Hey guys! Do you remember what a hoverboard is? It’s a levitating board that looks like a skateboard without wheels. If you love the movie Back to the Future II, you know what it is. In 1989, the film’s creators envisioned this type of transport being commonplace in 2015. Reality doesn’t quite resemble the movie, but we do have a world record for flight on a hoverboard!

But what’s the coolest fictional vehicle? How about a speeder bike? This thing can accelerate at 310 mph – faster than a flying arrow! Though, in the real world during the Star Wars shooting, it was only going 5 mph. Or do you remember what kind of car the Simpsons had? For 28 years, the creators of the animated series kept the intrigue alive about it. But in one of the episodes, we finally found out that it’s a 1986 Plymouth Junkerolla! Most of us can rattle off our favorite cars and other vehicles from movies, TV shows, and video games. Here are the most iconic of them. Did your favorite one get on the list?


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